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Up-and-Coming Events I'm Attending... 

Sat 7th Oct | October Festival | Shrewsbury 
Fri 13th Oct | Karen Brady Event | NEC Birmingham 
Wed 18th Oct | Professional Speakers Association | Stafford 
Sun 22nd Oct | Speaking at Aesthetic Medicine Event | Manchester 

What I've Been Up To 

Deborah Mitchell asked me to speak at a Heaven Skincare event in Birmingham, I had a great time, what a fantastic group people and they seemed to really enjoy my talk on "How To Sell Anything" and a really simple demonstration, on how to more than double your turnover with the power of small change. 
Deborah Mitchell & Alan Adams
I met up with Dr John DeMartini at a recent London event, if you're not sure who he is, he's considered one of the world's leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. He is the founder of the Demartini Institute and I can highly recommend listening to him speak if you ever get chance. 
Dr Demartini
Alexander was born on the 18th July and just two weeks later he attended his very first Mastermind business event with Nigel Botterill, must be the youngest ever Masterminder, and he was as good as gold. 
Nigel Botterill
Got to listen too and then had a chat with Michelle Mone founder of the Ultimo brand, she's absolutely lovely and I'd recommend buying her book that comes out in March, Michelle has a fantastic story and is really inspirational. 
Alan S Adams, Michelle Mone and Felicity Wingrove
This is me down at Innocent HQ talking with Richard Reed, one of the Co-Founders, Great guy and a fantastic business, if you ever have chance to go visit them I can highly recommend it. 
Alan S Adams and Richard Reed
I met up with Daniel Priestley at a Business event he was speaking at, really interesting presentation and his new book the Entrepreneurs Revolution is a really good read 
Business Summit met up with Daniel Priestley
I Interviewed Jonathan Winchester of Shopper Anonymous recently, really great guy, and hugely inspiring. Having built an amazing business in Australia, he's now doing the same in the UK 
Jonathan Winchester
Enjoyed seeing Andy Harrington at a business sumit, great story about him and his wife at a Antony Robbins event, make sure you ask him if you have the opportunity 
Clearly a man of great taste, it was a real pleasure to chat with Tom Kerridge at The Shrewsbury Flower Show - we were so inspired by him 
we bought his new cook book 
Felicity Wingrove, Tom Kerridge and Alan S Adams
Had a great time being best man, at one of my oldest friend's wedding, with my partner Felicity 
Alan S Adams and Felicity Wingrove